ongoing aerial classes

aerial classes are open to students who have completed an Intro to Aerial class plus the necessary prerequisites.  registration is required to attend all classes.  contact the studio for information on how to enroll!  all classes taught by Sara Sparrow unless otherwise noted.  i will be accepting new intro students in September.  please email for info: sparrowclasses at


Sunday 1-3 Continuing Beginner 1

Sunday 3-5 Sunday workshop series!  Rope/Fabric/Hoop and Sling


Tuesday 7-9 Continuing Beginner 2


Wednesday 5-7 Continuing Beginner 2

Wednesday 7-9 Continuing Beginner 3


Thursday 5-7 Intro to Aerial (taught by Emily Van Kley)

Thursday 7-9 Continuing Beginner 1 (taught by Emily Van Kley)