Sparrow Studios is Olympia’s own aerial, acrobatic, and circus arts studio!  open since August of 2015, Sparrow Studios offers an array of classes for adults and teens.  Sparrow Studios also serves as the art and performance studio of Sara Sparrow, an circus and visual artist who has been teaching and performing around the Seattle area since 2005.  contemporary circus is all about intersections–dance, athletics, theater, performance art, music and visual spectacle–and Sparrow Studios was founded with the aim of recognizing and celebrating the circus’s unique contribution to performance art.  located at 207 Washington Street, in the heart of downtown Olympia, Sparrow Studios is a lovely and intimate space in which to learn circus arts, and enjoy a show.  please email sparrowclasses at gmail.com for information.


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  1. Hi Sara, I’m trying to enroll my daughter, Lili, in a class. She has some experience with the silks and she has a lot of experience with tumbling. Could you please contact me? 228-327-5341. Thank you!


  2. Hi Sara!I sure hope you are well and happy.
    I am looking to do some training again and would love to take a class from you if my schedule permits.. do you have any rope, sling or trapeze classes coming up? I’m a beginner trapeze lady and haven’t taken sling but could probably pick it up quickly. And of course I feel most comfortable on rope. Rope is always good.


  3. Hello, do you do Ariel silk instructions, I’m asking because my girlfriend is interested in finding a studio local to us in Lacey so that she doesn’t have to travel to Seattle. Thank you


  4. Hello there.
    I am a juggler, high wire and slack rope performer from Ireland.

    I am in Oly in passing and search for Cabernets and vaudeville shows to get involved in as well as training spaces to meet people.

    Lask orginisation led me to be around for this weekend(March 30th)

    Any help is appreciated



  5. Hi Sara, I am interested in joining hand stand and aerobics training with you. I practice yoga and hand stands daily. Could you please let me know of any slots. Thank you.


  6. Hello,
    My name is Neli Martinez and i am very much interested in joining one of your classes. I would like some more information though of course , so I hope to hear back from you soon 🙂


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